Appraise your property

What is the value of the Albanian real estate market today?

A lot of people like physical and juridical people are interested to know what are the real estate values of the property that they own. For example of an apartment or a store, of a restaurant or a hotel, of a villa or a land, of a carburant station or a production point, of a warehouse or a factory etc...

“INF 93” Real Estate values these assets according to European standards from First Degree Appraisers.

The Purpose of Appraisal could be for:

  • Introduce with the value of the property.
  • Banks in cases when getting credit from them.
  • Courts in cases of property conflicts.
  • Private Firms, which want to really know or to register in their balance sheet their capital value.
  • Dispossession in cases of interferes from State or private business.

Appraised properties by "INF 93" Real Estate

  • “Sheraton” Hotel, Tirane
  • “Butrinti” Hotel, Sarande
  • “Apollonia” Hotel, Fier
  • “Chateau Linza”, Linze, Tirane
  • Former “Shtëpia e Pionierit”, Shkodër
  • Different ndustrial objects
  • Carburant stations
  • Lands for residence apartment's buildings and industrial lands.
  • Bars, rastaurants and different kind and size hotels
  • Shops, villas, and a lot of residence apartments etc.