Approved the urban plan, open building permits

Partial plans for construction details approved by the mayor and the technical committee
Territorial Adjustment Council of the Republic of Albania, adopted yesterday KRRTRSH urban plan of the capital city. Immediately after the approval of the document for the development of the capital, opened the procedures for unlocking and construction permitting. According to the procedure, they will be reviewed by the municipality and the Planning Department within 55 days of the request for the permit and would then immediately signed by the mayor.
Also, powers Basha will be even bigger, after the statement of the Prime Minister and experts KRRTRSH for approval of plans involving partial, following and be prepared after the approval of the urban plan of the capital city of structure The latest decision.
So partial plans, or local detailed plan, as prepared will be approved by the mayor and the technical committee and will not be sent on the KRRTRSH has been done before. Meanwhile, according to the Municipality of Tirana, partial plans, in most cases prepared by entities who apply for building permits and each area needs to implement its plan.
All these plans will be sent to municipalities by construction entities, who will apply for a building permit, for the rest will be made by experts of the municipality and planning.
Yesterday, at the meeting of the KRRTRSH, the head of government, Sali Berisha, said that: "The head of the Executive has estimated that this plan stipulates that green spaces totaling 4.2 square meters per capita, from 0.8 it is today and The city provides all the conditions for being a healthy and ecological city ".
According to Berisha, the main parameter for the purpose of detailed planning local plans should be the intensity of construction, and this should be a basic parameter.
Urban Plan of Tirana provides a polycentric Tirana, Tirana, with 13 centers, which offer variety of services, similar to the current center of Tirana.
Green Tirana, Tirana, with more greenery greenery provided 4.2 square meters per capita, from 0.8 it is today. General Local Plan proposes the establishment in the city of 40 new territories or 340 hectares of green space and sports 14 new territories, besides the existing ones. Similarly, the General Regulatory Plan of Tirana envisages the creation of common regional parks between Tirana and surrounding municipalities, as Farka Paskuqan.
Tirana will have a ring road system, where in addition to the existing ring road will be built four other rings. These will significantly help ease the traffic in Tirana and traffic linking Tirana with the metropolitan area.
Local General Plan envisages the construction of an intermodal transport terminal, together with the restoration of the Tirana Train Station; development of tram lines in addition to the bus system. Likewise, the local general plan envisaged the construction of 11 public parking spaces, located mainly in the city center.
There is no so-called museum area, as previously Item 8, but given the right to development of the property of all those who wish to develop. The plan is based on the list of approved facilities reserved approved by the Institute of Cultural Monuments.
This urban plan, taking into account the needs of the town's expansion plans 101 new nursery, 55 kindergartens, 25 schools 9-year-old and 6 secondary schools.