Buying real estate, or deposit money in the bank?

Real estate is seen as a very good alternative for investing free funds as immigrants, as well as Albanian citizens who have deposits in banks.
A real estate agent with the object mainly to buying and selling real estate, claimed that when he started the decline of interest rates on savings bank has an interest for the purchase of real estate and it is noted especially this year.
He said that real estate sales have grown by at least 12% this year compared to 2014. According to him, many people are seeing real estate, especially housing, as a good opportunity for investment return.
Having bought a house with rental destination, a minimum annual interest rate is about 4% or 300% higher than the interest that banks offer currently.
The same trend has also affirmed the Bank of Albania. House Price Index rose 5.4% in the third quarter, after rising 2.3% the previous quarter. The Bank has found that the developments in prices of real estate market during the third quarter are characterized by the recovery of demand and supply of housing recovery.
Based on confidence building surveying, construction demand has registered improvement. The same trend is also confirmed by the survey of lending, under which banks report increased household demand for mortgages