Legalization: Mortgages construction within 40 days

Decision published in the official rules and new cooperation procedures between ALUIZNI and Registration Office Real Estate. Defined obligations and deadlines for each institution.
The government changed the rules and procedures for the exchange of information and cooperation between IPRO and ALUIZNI regarding legalization and registration of the property after the real estate registry.
It was published yesterday in the Official Gazette of the new decision with the provisions arising from the application of the law and that in fact predict a series of steps and new deadlines intended to accelerate the process of legalization of informal settlements.
More specifically ALUIZNI and IPRO coordinate activities, to verify the legal status of the property where they are established informal settlements, improving and updating the register of real estate records and cadastral maps, according blocks cadastral where they are established informal and registration permit legalization and the legalized property.
The request for information, to verify the legal status of the property (legal status), sent by ALUIZNI near LORIP's not later than 10 days from the date of recording the actual field (date of "Minutes of evidence on the ground") and accompanied by vector maps in paper and electronic format.
For its part LORIP shall, within 15 days from the administration request sends information on the legal status of properties in the block cadastre, which includes: data on the owner of the property, cadastral maps in paper format and electronic cards. Information on the legal situation serves only to determine the holder of the right of ownership, the building block of the building informal and qualification procedure, only for informal construction.
When LORIP does not send the information, according to this decision, ALUIZNI following administrative procedures for legalization of construction, seeking his registration.
As for when the cadastral area is not subject to registration and the owner of the building does not have documentation to prove ownership of the land, ALUIZNI following the passing of the right of ownership, as in the case of informal settlements built on land "country".
If, during the initial registration procedures, claims ownership of the land, based on earlier titles that permit legalization, then LORIP shall require ALUIZNI drawing up proposals for compensation for the owners procedures joposedues.
After these procedures and verifications carried ALUIZNI requires registration of property IPRO informal.
Demand for service registration permit legalization and issuance of certificate of ownership, wealth legalized, presented by ALUIZNI, on behalf of the beneficiary of the permit, according to the claim form, approved by IPRO.
The application for registration filed in LORIP Aluizni within 5 days from the date of approval of the legalization permit, and be accompanied by appropriate documentation: License legalization, Genplan property legalized as a fragment of a map vector block cadastral layout of building informal ( for each floor) and a copy of the certificate holder's family situation, which owns ALUIZNI, from the moment of application for legalization.
The Registrar, with the submission of the application, perform, within 10 days, the registration of the legalization permit. Determine if the asset (facility certified) is individual, family or co-(I / F / B) conducted by LORIP shall, on the basis of the legalization permit and certificate of marital status, followed by ALUIZNI.
Detailed procedures of delivery of service LORIP Union of registration and issuance of certificate of legalized immovable property, determined by joint decision of the Chief Registrar and Director General of ALUIZNI.
Permit legalization, adopted without relationship with the construction parcel property (land), registered by LORIP Union property to another folder, that of land, making the appropriate entries in the file.
Removing records on card and registration of ownership of the building block, for permission to register, conducted by LORIP shall immediately, upon entry into force of the decision of the Council of Ministers to approve the transfer of the ownership right to a building block and compensation to owners .
Legalization permit, issued for construction, for which the entity owns the property right to the building block (land), the form required by law, recorded by LORIP Union in the real estate registry.
Permit legalization registered in accordance with the provisions of the Family Code on matrimonial property regimes. The above rules apply for extensions to the palaces with permission.
While before they approve the legalization permit, ALUIZNI verifies the SHE-in if the landlord who owns the illegal construction has paid electricity.
In cases where payment is confirmed for one year from the notification of payment of the building block, receive forgiveness of 10% of the value, then he sits 10 percent of the value.