The real estate market, "Block" out of the preferred list

The real estate market, "Block" out of the preferred list
The economic crisis has affected the euro-zone and undoubtedly one of the most important sectors such as the construction. Ndëtimit industry in our country is facing a stalemate because sales have fallen significantly. Said in an interview for Money News, Ing. Lefter Sila from inf Imobiliare Agency shows details about the situation of sales, rents in different parts of the capital. According to Mr. Silas was recorded and housing price decline of 2.7 percent in extent. According to him pekur areas that are hardest by the crisis are: Student City area, the area "Block" to VAT etc. "Compared to previous years these areas have significant decline in the purchase of apartments" - says Silas. There are few foreigners who can buy these expensive areas while the population is mainly in congested in the suburbs and close Yzberisht Dajtit where apartment prices have dropped to 400 euros per square meter.
The impact of immigration
Even the return of migrants in Albania did not give any significant impact on the sales of apartments, especially in 2013. Their incomes have fallen sharply and fears I made those skeptical buying an apartment, because most of them do not know yet where it will stay, they will be located in Albania or will return again to neighboring countries where they have been for years.
Factors impasse sales of apartments
There are many factors that affect blocking sales of apartments where I would mention: the immigrants are unemployed, banks make loans limited, have tightened requirements for credit, the economic crisis, employment which is in decline, but also foreign investors They are vastly reduced. So even by Mr. Silas all these factors led to the decline in purchases of apartments. Also, peferohen apartments smaller area. Foreigners are those who prefer more area of ​​the former Bloc.
Building permits
Denial of building permits has its advantages and disadvantages. The lack of permits affects the normal course of worsening asset and puts a barrier. Of satellite areas are crowded with buildings and it caused an overload of the market and offers are numerous.
Measures to liberate the market
According to Mr. Silas one of the most important factors is the exit from the crisis, and it brings that immigrants bring more revenue and increase demand for buying residential and business premises. Banks should provide loans with low interest rates and favorable terms. Also, an important role is the government which should help job opening, to unblock the impasse building permits, and partnerships with businesses.
Prices by area of ​​Tirana
Places where you can buy cheaper in an apartment in Tirana Fresku areas and it Yzberisht, where a square meter costs 400 to 500 euros. Areas of the Center at very high prices, where prices range from 1000-1200 euros per square meter. Meanwhile, the former Bloc areas, near Radio and Television, the stadium "Qemal Stafa" are considered the most expensive because of the prices, which are 1600- 1700 euros per square meter.
Also the price of rental apartments in the capital varies according to areas and demand. According to real estate agency, "inf" an apartment in the "Block" can cost from 300 to 1,600 euros a month, mostly the latter preferred by foreigners.