Our Team

Our team is made up of a pool of dedicated and motivated experts who exceed our clients' expectations by providing the best service in the Albanian real estate market. This team is dedicated to meeting the needs and demands of our clients with the highest level of professionalism, expertise and service with the aim of building mutually strong and long-term relationships with our clients, partners of other third parties.


Engineer Lefter Sila

He graduated from the State University of Tirana with a degree in construction engineering and another in journalism. When the privatization of real estate property began in Albania in 1993, in cooperation with Italian partners, he started the first real estate agency, as a limited liability company. Trained in Italy in the field of real estate brokering, he introduced the first concepts of purchase, sale and lease of all types of real estate property.

In his 25-year experience in this field, he has built a reputation for seriousness, integrity, correctness and professionalism. Under the guidance of the English professor David Allen, he successfully completed the professional course to become a top real estate appraiser which further deepened his knowledge about the value of the real estate market and thus he became even more connected to real estate brokering as a profession.

The valuable experience gained through brokering activities in the sale and purchase, but also in the evaluation of thousands of real estate property, gave engineer Lefter Sila the useful basis to conduct a study on the apartment market in Tirana from 1993 to the present.

This is a rich study that includes a wealth of data illustrated through graphs and divided into 32 fiscal areas of Tirana. The study reveals the developments, factors and phenomena that have occurred and influenced the real estate market in Albania. This study has become an important reference material for all our clients and many other researchers in the real estate market.


Albenc Sila

He graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts with a degree in painting. His special skills in real estate management made him give up painting and become a partner and co-founder of "INF 93" Agency, where he still passionately works to this day.

During his 25-year experience, he has concluded thousands of lease contracts for various types of real estate property, as well as thousands of purchase or sale contracts for real estate.

One of his main traits as a real estate agent is the trust he generates in our foreign and Albanian clients because of his skillful and professional service. The fact is that countless civil servants working for foreign embassies in Tirana, including many ambassadors, have rented accommodation or property offered by Mr. Albenc Sila. He has also provided his services for a great number of directors and employees working for important foreign organizations and banks. There is also a long list of Albanian clients and individuals, physical and legal persons that have benefited from Mr. Albenc Sila's services and expertise.


Emon Sila

Mr. Emon Sila obtained his Bachelor degree in Finance and International Business Relations from Texas Tech University in the USA in 2005. He has been working as a broker and counselor for Real Estate "INF 93". Mr. Emon Sila has been involved in all the sales and investment processes. He is directly responsible for all the day-to-day aspects of sales and leases contracts, comprehensive listing, relations with sellers and purchasers and third parties, thus being instrumental in concluding plenty of important transactions for Real Estate "INF 93".

In addition to his responsibility for property sale and listing, Emon has been actively involved in exploring new investment opportunities to expand our real estate portfolio. Officially he became a member of our company in January 2018. He has earlier worked as head of marketing and sales department for the elite construction company Mane TCI (part of Balfin Group) for 9 years where he has concluded hundreds of transactions. In apartments, villa, shops, offices, Villa and apartments by the sea, in elite projects such as Ambasador 2, Ambasador 3, Rolling Hills Residence, Park Gate, Vala Mar Residence, Green Coast Resort etj.


Veno Sila

He has been working for Real Estate "INF 93" since 2000 as a real estate agent specializing in leasing of real estate property especially apartments and villas for residence and business. He has a deep knowledge in this field where he plays an active role in the numerous transactions he has concluded as a real estate broker.

He is characterized by high professional correctness in his relations to our clients and provides them with concrete assistance  for lease contracts (both lessees and lessors), as well as assistance so that the rented property meets the best possible conditions. Having a thorough knowledge about contract details, he provides both parties with professional expertise in the proper implementation of contract terms.

He has recently been engaged in other important transactions, such as leasing contracts for bars, shops, warehouses, hotels and the like, as well as in brokering purchase and sale deals for different real estate property with significant successful results.


Genti Sila

He completed his higher studies at the State University of Tirana, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Architecture and graduated in 2010.

He became part of Inf 93 Real Estate in July 2020 and works as an intermediary and consultant for the agency, is involved in sales, lease, and investment processes.

Previously he worked as an architect in important buildings in Tirana such as TEG Shopping Center, Hotel Plaza, the only one with 5 stars and many villas, bars, apartments, etc.

His knowledge in the real estate market has been from the first steps of the agency where he is interested and has often become part of accompanying clients and signing sales and purchase contracts.

Genti is known for his correctness, sincerity, and tireless work until he achieves the agreed results.


Marinda Sina

She graduated from the University of Tirana, the Faculty of Economy with a degree in finance and banking. She has been working for Real Estate "INF 93" for 10 years, carrying out with dedication her various daily tasks such as receiving our clients, explaining to them different aspects related to the sale, purchase or lease of real estate property, arranging meetings between clients and agents.

In cooperation with real estate agents and other third parties, she manages the advertisements the company makes for different real estate property in the websites or in the social media, in Çelsi newspaper, and the like.

She also handles all other liabilities the company has in relation to third parties, or state bodies such as fiscal authorities, social security, state labor inspectorate, etc.


Valbona Vukulaj

She graduated from the University of Tirana, Department of Journalism. After a long work experience in the field of journalism, in 2017 she started working in the field of real estate mediation, a field that suits her character.

In cooperation with the agents and the broker, deals with the correction and posting of texts on the website of the agency. These texts are related to the data of properties for sale/rent, as well as to the data of the construction complexes that are being built in the city of Tirana and on the Albanian coast. This area, which the agency "Inf 93" has in the center of attention.

Meanwhile cooperates in the management of advertising done by the property agency on various marketing platforms.

Characterized for correctness at work, dedication, and very good relationships with colleagues and clients of the agency.